◈ What is your Character Information and what is it used for?
Your JC Planet E-mail(account) and password are used for logging in.

Aside from the many passwords and codes that users will be issued, there is other personal information (birthday, name, etc.) that will be used as additional security measures.

Most users know that they need to protect this information. It should be known that account information is vital to claiming ownership of an account and being able to access all the functions that JC Planet has to offer.

When finding an account and changing password, you will be required to submit the name, date of birth and gender. The email used to register the account will be needed to verify your account. Please keep this information safe and submit it only via and never anywhere else. We do not use outside providers; your information is kept here. Sites that advertise/promote "JC Planet Login" are scams. The only safe place to login and access your account info is through

This information should be something you can remember, but not easy to guess. We do not recommend writing it down, but if you do, please keep it in a secure place.

Do not give your email address to a friend who wants to write to you. Furthermore, there is no need for someone to ask for your ID. Your character name should be different from your password, ID, or email address.

◈ Creating a strong password
Here are some things to keep an eye on when creating a secure password for your account.

• A mixture of case-sensitive, alphanumeric characters.
• Utilize the use of symbols before, in between, and/or after your password.
• Avoid using dictionary words and sequential numbers and letters.
• Do not use your personal information as your password.
• Make sure that your account password and email password are different.

A good password is something that only you, the user, should know. Remember that an account will no longer be secure once a password is discovered by another party, no matter how reliable and strong the password.

◈ Keeping your account secure
You already have a strong password, but it is important to take into account the potential risk your account is open to. By being aware of these risks, you can do your part in keeping the account secure.

• The GMs and other JC Planet employee will never ask for your password.
• If storing password in your computer, ensure that it is secure.
• Use an anti-virus and anti-spyware software.
• Reset your password every 3 months.