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  • You can manage all of your information, from account to payment list, in My Account.
  • More benefit service will be applied for better your convenience.

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  • Personal information is basic information to figure you out from other people.
  • Personal information is necessary information when you forget your ID. Please keep and mange carefully.

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  • Please keep and manage with more complicate and frequent change for your safety.
  • JC Planet never ask your password. Please do not notify it to others.
  • More solutions will be added for your safety.

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  • Email Verification is necessary, when you charge JC Coin to protect you from any illegal actions and damages.

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  • You can use JC Coin in all of JC Planet's service for your fun.
  • You can use free JC Coin in all of JC Planet's service for your fun.

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  • You can check all of your payment history for JC Coin and service.
  • The balance is managed automatically. You can check it without your effort.

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  • You can make agreement to game what you want to play.
  • You can check operation policy and other policies.