JC Coin Guide

▶ What is JC Coin?

JC Coin is electronic cash that is combined PC and Mobile games.
You can charge it in various way and use it in JC Planet for more fun.
JC Coin that you purchase will show up in the in-game Item Mall and allow you to purchase items.

There are two types of JC Coin which are divided into J-Coin and Premium C-Coin depending on how you charge it. Depending on which JC Coin you use, there is limitation in your item selections.

J-Coin(For untradeable items Only)

  • J-Coin is the digital currency used to purchase items.
  • With J-Coin, you can purchase untradeable items.

C-Coin(For ALL items)

  • C-Coin is the digital currency used to purchase items.
  • There is no limit to item purchases. (You can purchase both tradable and untradeable items.)

▶ Available Payment Gateway

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